truth hurts

It seems that Tom Friedman is still smarting from the hole that New Gingrich blasted through his abortion position on Meet the Press. If you have a minute and you have power, watch this brief exchange between Gingrich and Friedman and then read Friedman’s column from Sunday’s N.Y. Times. What do you think?






3 responses to “truth hurts”

  1. Gary

    On Meet the Press, Friedman looked like Obama in his first debate . . . lost, confused, befuddled. At first he attempted to defend his radical position on abortion rights, but then demurely shifted to the position that he’s merely a journalist. What really happened is he, as an ideologue, lost the debate with Gingrich. Then, in a vain attempt to save face, he pointed out that he’s really just an journalist. And he probably feels he’s a completely objective journalist.

    In his piece in the NYT, he attempts to bolster his radical abortion view by means of a series of red herrings, viz., “I’m the one who’s really pro-life because I’m against assault weapons!” (So that makes late-term abortions OK?) And his caricatures of anti-abortionists (NOTE: I’ve changed the term here because of Friedman’s attempt to hijack the term “pro-life” for his radical views.) are equally inaccurate.

    Obviously, Friedman has spent no time among the “hoi polloi” who serve in crisis pregnancy centers. Because if he had, he wouldn’t be so cavalier in how he describes those of us who are truly pro-life and who offer help and counsel to those who come to places like the Pregnancy Resource Center for physical and spiritual resources.

  2. Ray Paget

    Pro-choice is pro-abortion. Friedman cannot crawl out from under that rock with his silly rhetoric and nonsensical analogies.

  3. Seth Horton

    Friedman also seems to forget that all anti-abortionist agree that it should be illegal to open fire in a theatre.

    Thank you Gary (Dr. Meadors?) for your kind words about the PRC.

    I think Friedman’s comments are a reminder that all anti-abortionists should also be anti any war that fails the criteria of Just War theory (both in its justification and its execution). Furthermore, I have yet to hear an anti-abortion/anti-Obamacare politicians explain how society (if not the government) is going to protect the lives of those who cannot afford care or insurance. We do have an obligation to be pro-life in those situations too.

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