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We are in the middle of another media blitz for “A Year of Living” book. Since Alan Jacobs wrote A Year of Living Biblically, evangelical Christians have been inspired to write The Year of Living Like Jesus and now A Year of Biblical Womanhood. This phenomenon puzzles me, because I would think that any Christian who has read the book of Hebrews would know that these ideas are 2,000 years out of date. We are not required, or even supposed to dress and eat like a first century Jew or a wife in Leviticus. Do authors, publishers, and readers really not know this?

Apparently not, which is why I am announcing that on Monday I will begin researching my new book, A Year of Living Like a Mesopotamian King. I don’t yet know what that will entail, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be showing up for work. There may also be a fair amount of swordplay, processions, and festive dinners. There should also be wine. Lots and lots of wine. My first royal act will be to fire my agent—I might do worse but this Mesopotamian still lives under the rules of Michigan—so publishers please contact me directly.

In case you want to get in on the action, some of the choicest roles are still available, such as:  A Year of Living Like Pharaoh’s Daughter, A Year of Living Like a Roman Centurion, or A Year of Living Like Balaam’s Donkey. There are an astounding number of possible titles, so pick your favorite and let’s all have some fun. These books might make us look silly, but not much sillier than what we’ve already got.



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12 responses to “year of living”

  1. Jo

    Good job, Mike Wittmer! When Biblical Womanhood book first came out, I immediately said she’s looking for a TV interview, book tours and signings, speaking engagements, etc. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Pfffft! My book will be: A Year of Living Like a Retired Old Woman. Next month I will be 69, so immediately in my 70th year (and I just might start early, like next week), I am going to do something special all throughout the year before my 70th birthday, just ’cause not everybody even makes it to 70. Any suggestions about making my book title a little more marketable are welcome. Never can tell where this might lead…… 🙂 Love it!

  2. Brandon

    Haha. Well said my friend. I agree with you 100%.

  3. mikewittmer

    Jo: You sound like you’ve got it going. The key to getting a publisher’s interest is to connect what you want to do with someone in the Bible. The obvious problem is that most of the 69 year old women were widows who were just getting by. So your idea is going to need a little spin. How about “A Year of Living Like the Widow of Zarephath Who Finally Decided She’s Not Going to Take It Anymore!” The scary thing is this might actually work.

  4. Jo

    OH!!! I was really only being facetious, but now you’ve made me think. LOL I’ll get back to you if and when I get a plan, and you can critique my first chapter. How’s that??!! Hm-m-m-m-m, this could be fun.

  5. Jonathan Shelley

    I always wonder why they don’t tackle the really hard ones, like “A Year of Living like Elijah” or Isaiah, Ezekial, or Jeremiah. Perhaps we should try “The John the Baptist Diet” or “Take the Vow: Living Like a Nazarite”. I would read “Two Years in Chains with Paul,” even though I wouldn’t be willing to do it myself. I’ve also been thinking about moving in on John Maxwell’s territory with “The Shrewd Manager: Lessons from Luke 16.” But I think I really want to go after “A Long Weekend Fishing with Jonah.”

  6. Jo

    I like that, Jonathan!

  7. Jack Horton


    You should hope that your students do not get the idea to write a book titled: A Year of Living Out Ecclesiastes 12:12.

  8. mikewittmer

    Jack: You don’t know my students! Except one, I’ll give you that one. He likes and respects you a ton, by the way.

  9. mikewittmer

    Jonathan: I’d suggest “A Year of Living Like Solomon,” but since you’re an American, you’ve probably already tried that one.

  10. Chuck

    May as well go all of the way back and write, “A Year Living Like Adam….Before He Met Eve”. I’ll get started on that right away. Hold on! Hold on! I just saw a Platypus Billed Duck land on the pond, and he had himself a wife.

  11. Jonathan Shelley


    What about “A Year of Living Like Job”? But since you are a Cleveland sports fan, I guess you have enough misery already.

  12. Yeah, the obvious point of the book of Hebrews is that God didn’t really know what he was doing in the Old Testament, he was just doing a little beta testing, so forget about all that stuff already.

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