proud moment

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are internalizing enough sound doctrine, but what happened tonight leads me to think it’s getting through. My fourth grade daughter had a speaking part in our church’s kids musical, “In a Galilee Far, Far Away.” The musical was cute and carried a good message, but I wonder how God feels about our annual attempts to silly up the Christmas story. It’s not enough that I sent my Son to die for you? You need to make it interesting by embedding my sacrifice in science fiction?

Near the end of the musical my daughter had this line, “Jesus said that if you receive him you will live forever with him in heaven.” My eighth grade son turned to me and said, “No, he didn’t.” My heart was strangely warmed, and I’m not even Wesleyan.







6 responses to “proud moment”

  1. Yes, heaven is a place on earth…. with banjo seminars and all my favorite things.

  2. John Lemke

    I distinctly remember from Systematic I that Bango seminars are part of the fall.

  3. mikewittmer

    John: I think your spelling is a part of the fall, but I appreciate your support!

    I would attend a banjo seminar, because as long as they’re talking about banjos they’re probably not playing them.

  4. John Lemke

    I caught the typo after I had posted, and tried to figure out how to fix it but couldn’t. So I tried to comment again and clarify, but couldn’t. I then decided that WordPress might be part of the fall, too. 🙂

  5. mikewittmer

    I understand completely and have been there. Actually, I think you may have hit upon a serendipitous onomatopoeia. “Bango” does more appropriately describe the sound that Gary makes, and from now on, that’s what I’m calling it.

  6. Lindsay Williams

    So funny that you post this, because when she spoke, I was stifling snickers that a Wittmer, of all cast members, would get this line. I wondered what the discussion around the family table was.

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