Can your blog do this? Three years ago a student of mine, Adam Forrest, was commenting on a post I made about David Letterman’s affair with his staffer. His comments caught the attention of Rachel Watson, who emailed him to discuss what he had said. They continued the conversation on her blog, two weeks later met at a coffee shop, and this past weekend were finally married.

So ladies, feel free to check out the comment section on this blog, as there are some real finds down there. There are also a few jerks who comment from time to time (you know who you are), so please check with me before you make the initial contact. I want you to be safe.

Congratulations, Adam and Rachel! Enjoy Colorado and always remember where the fun began.






2 responses to “eblogharmony.com”

  1. Dr. Wittmer, thank you for this kind post, and thank you for your role in bringing Rachel and I together!

    I love reading your blog posts, articles, and books. It makes me happy to see you sharing your gifts of writing and discernment with others. I wish you much joy through your pursuits and throughout this holiday season. -Adam

  2. So *that’s* my problem… 😉 Clearly, I need to get busy in the blogosphere.

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