bound together

Friend and super pastor Chris Brauns has an important book coming out this week. Bound Together confronts the radical individualism of our day that not only scandalizes us when we read Scripture but also blinds us from understanding its most important points.

We struggle to understand why Achan’s entire family was killed because of his sin. Why not simply take the dad out and leave his wife and children alone? And what about the many Canaanite infants who weren’t old enough to willfully join their parents’ rebellion? Why must one person suffer for the sins of another?

Brauns explains that corporate solidarity still occurs today–e.g., innocent North Koreans suffer from the decisions of their dear leader to develop nuclear weapons and host Dennis Rodman. And more important, we can’t be saved without it. It may not seem fair that we are all born “in Adam,” guilty and corrupted for what he did, but if we are not in the first Adam then we can’t be in the Second Adam either.

Is it possible that our modern emphasis on individualism blinds us from understanding salvation? Bound Together makes a compelling case that it does, and it opens our eyes to the strange and life giving world of the Bible. This is essential reading for pastors who must communicate the gospel to our postmodern culture.

If you want to learn more, take the Bound Together quiz, which starts today, and you may even win a prize, which, in keeping with the spirit of the book, you must share with three other people. Win or lose, you must read this gospel saturated book.






4 responses to “bound together”

  1. Just started “Bound Together” tonight and am pretty excited about it thus far. His book, “Unpacking Forgiveness” was excellent and I expect that this work will be as enjoyable, though I did find the foreword a bit difficult to wade through. Bazinga!

  2. mikewittmer

    You read forewords! What a waste of time. Get to the important parts.

    I may have overdid the rope metaphors, but that would make a nice drinking game on a winter’s night. Take a swig of Diet Coke every time you come across one.

  3. Great! Thanks for the chuckle.

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