The lead story in today’s Grand Rapids Press is about Rob Bell’s support of gay marriage. I’m not sure why this qualifies as news (who didn’t already know this?), but I am sure that this kind of “journalism” is part of the reason the Press only delivers papers three times per week. The cynical side of me wonders if this whole “coming out” is merely an attempt to whip up publicity to sell more books. Notice I’m not accusing anyone of this, I’m just asking the question, which I know Rob would say is okay.

Closer to home, Carl Trueman has a spot-on post about the sudden popularity of homosexual practice and how marriage was lost some time ago. Gay marriage is not the death-knell to marriage, it’s merely the funeral for what is already dead.

I know this can seem rather depressing, so be encouraged that our Christian marriages matter more than ever. We’re not going to save marriage in elections or the courts, but we can still “save” it in the place that matters most–in everyday, boots on the ground life. The world is going to do what the world is going to do, but we can show them a better way.

Update:  Trevin Wax and Owen Strachan also have salient posts on the topic that are well worth pondering.






6 responses to “marriage”

  1. Sam Frazier

    I thought you’d be all over this one, Mike. It appears to me that Mr. Bell has finally sold out in order to gain his ’15 minutes of fame’, which conveniently does coincide with new book releases. I feel sorry for him, as he seems completely clueless as to the path he has chosen to take.

    Off topic question – Any chance you’ll be headed our way again anytime soon? Want to intro my other half to you. I believe last time we talked face to face he was still in the ‘all Christians are hypocrites’ camp….uh, he got baptized into ReCast awhile back….great story actualy!

  2. Godis4you

    Having listened to some in the GLBT community speak about justice in marriage laws, I can affirm that the point about marriage already being destroyed by heterosexuals is made often and quite convincingly.

  3. mikewittmer

    That is great news, Sam! And another reminder that the world can be changed one person at a time. Don’t know when I’ll be back to ReCast, but every time I am in the neighborhood and try to get food from Chinn-Chinn’s, they are either closed or won’t serve me food to go. Maybe it’s an omen?

  4. I have pondered the question, What if the state does allow for and make room for homosexual marriage? On a personal level between my wife and I nothing will change. We will still, by God’s grace, seek to remain faithful to one another and grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. That said, there are other ramifications beyond the sphere of our immediate marriage relationship. Will Pastors who hold to a view of heterosexual marriage be forced to perform marriage rites for a gay or lesbian couple? That raises the whole issue of the church minister as an agent of the civil government in certifying marriages.

    And yes… We lost the cultural wars long ago. But we were not called to “win” the cultural war.. We are called to be and remain faithful in bearing witness and testimony of God’s truth to a world and culture bent on rushing headlong into the abyss…

  5. Sam Frazier

    They have about a 2 hour lead time for take out! They’re just that popular! So you’ll have to come down on a midweek day, about 5 pm. In fact, bring Mrs. W and we’ll triple with Don and Linda! I LOVE Chinn Chinn food! Never had a dish I didn’t like!

  6. “The world is going to do what the world is going to do, but we can show them a better way.”
    Amen to that.
    As I publicly represent my self in the real world of day to day life and in the virtual world of blogging, forum discussions, and social media, I pray for wisdom to live out a personal creed which I sometimes struggle with.
    “I don’t want to answer doors the world is not knocking on, but rather have the world catch a glimpse of me knocking on doors they’ve never noticed before and want to ask, “How did you get there?”

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