St. Patrick’s Day

I have never understood why people get so excited about St. Patrick’s Day. The only thing that makes any sense is that its closest competitors are President’s Day and Groundhog Day, so maybe people are looking for a reason to get sloshed.

But my student, Todd Frederick, just passed me this video about St. Patrick and the Trinity, and now I’m thinking this is a holiday I can get behind. Fair warning:  this video is a test of your theological knowledge. If you don’t laugh, or if you laugh at the wrong part, you might be a heretic.






4 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Voltron! This is great.

  2. I laughed when the guy on the right said, “I’m gonna stab you in the face.” Does that make me a heretic?

  3. mikewittmer

    It probably just means you’re a man.

  4. Too much fun…

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