game on

Michael Bird has a prophetic post about where western culture is headed, and fast. It wasn’t that long ago when this essay would have seemed outlandish, even irresponsible. Now the future it predicts seems almost inevitable, because it’s already happening. This may not be the end, but it’s beginning to feel like we can see it from here. What an important time to be the church!







2 responses to “game on”

  1. Mike, I agree. That article would have seemed outlandish before but after the last few weeks it no longer does. One of my few hopes in this matter (other than my ultimate hope the resurrection, of course) is that one of the few ethical standards left in Western society is an aversion to suffering, at least observed suffering (part of the reason why euthanasia will probably become a norm). Proponents of infanticide will somehow have to find a way to either desensitize culture to the suffering of the infant, say it’s not really suffering, or otherwise hide it from the world. This seems like a tall order to me, though not inconceivable.

  2. The US has been pagan for many years now. What is screaming up to us is the ending of the Christian “hangover”. The kids for the last thirty years “knew not Joseph”. They were not raised in a sort of Christian culture, but rather have been raised on hedonism, syncretism and pragmatism. What is amazing is not that they are all good little pagans, including many who self-identify as “Christians”, what is truly horrific is how fast the culture has shifted, and what was unthinkable five years, is now virtually mainstream. My prof at CU Dr. Tooley was advocating for infanticide in 1972! It was seen as an aberration. Here we our forty years later and Singer, the “ethicists” from Oxford and many other voices have come out of the closed to champion the new “moral” freedom. The Lord has really lifted the candle of the American church, not that He is done here – we are missionaries where God has called us to be – right here. It just that now the remnant church in America gets to experience what most of our Christian brethren have experienced throughout the Churches history – being a despised minority in a larger pagan world. Lord show us mercy and grace in all of this.

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