I am very interested in this question

I blogged a few months ago about the inconsistency of defending abortion while lamenting the horrible shooting in Newtown. An editorial in USA Today picks up on this theme, noting that President Obama demurred during the Gosnell trial to comment on its proceedings, but…

“now that the trial is over, reporters should ask if President Obama still opposes laws that protect infants that survive abortions. After the school massacre in Newtown, President Obama suggested reforms to the country’s gun laws, saying, ‘If there is even one step we can take to save another child . . . then surely we have an obligation to try.’ So let’s find out the specifics of his proposed abortion reforms post-Gosnell.”

I would stop whatever I’m doing to hear the answer to that one.







3 responses to “I am very interested in this question”

  1. In other words, can logical and moral consistency trump political agenda? You are an optimist, aren’t you?

  2. I don’t anticipate the need on your part to “stop whatever” you were doing to listen to an answer. I think the inconsistency of his ethical positions would lead him to avoid this particular question entirely.

  3. Jim

    …unless the entire scandal filled environment forces him to address the issue. He does not have to face re-election so I could see him throwing the abortion lobby to the wolves if took pressure off his broader political agenda.

    Of course, I agree with Dr. Wittmer’s point – but let us all keep in mind that Sandy Hook’s outrage (in the President’s mind) is not just about the death of all those dear children. I don’t question his outrage with Sandy Hook (in which we are all with him), but it also presents him with a bigger opportunity at anther power grab. It’s even about more than Gun Control, because his vision for solutions to nation’s problems is for the government to handle as much as possible. This stands in stark contrast to the view 200 years ago when our founders stated “he who governs best, governs least”.

    So in the end, I would not be surprised to see the White House be willing to sacrifice the abortion lobby, and some of the IRS’ authority in order to save his bigger plans – government health care and government re-distribution of personal wealth. It could be that the slaughter of innocent unborn children may have reached a turning point after Sandy Hook and the Gosnell trial.

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