My student, Terri McGarry–yes, she married mostly for the rhyme–has been complaining that WordPress won’t let her leave comments on this blog, and not just because her name sounds fake. Terri is also the student who suggested that I listen to more Christian radio, and as you can see by the last post, that did not go well.

But I like Terri very much, and so I told her that if she sent me her special comment I would turn it into its own special post. Turns out she was inspired enraged by my limerick making fun of Jim Hamilton, whose limericks are silly even by the low standard set in Nantucket, and she decided to write one about me. I’m not sure what all these words mean and I don’t care enough to look them up, but I trust her because she is almost always almost respectful. Enjoy:

A doctor named Wittmer  would jest

while students would sweat and confess.

With his quick sobriquet,

And pen’s escorier,

His humour was anyone’s guess.






3 responses to “limericky”

  1. Lisa W.

    Give the girl an A!

  2. Jim Huber

    A priceless (and very accurate) literary creation. Bravo to Terri for her guts and her gifts.

  3. Sounds about right…

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