Last night Eric brought Ian to my worldview class. I was feeling a bit giddy after NE Ohio’s spectacular sports weekend, and during the evening I mentioned how the New Earth would be a lot like this one, minus the city of Ann Arbor (Ezekiel 28:20). After class Ian told me that his last name was Gold, that he grew up in Ann Arbor and had played football for Michigan and then eight years for the Denver Broncos. He played the year the Browns sent a third of their defense to Denver, including Gerard “Money” Warren, who Pittsburgh police said was the “nicest man” they had ever arrested.

Ian graciously accepted my apology and told me that he got out of football because it was hard to live for Christ in that environment. He said that money had corrupted the game and that most players were in it for themselves. It’s difficult to be a team player when so much cash is on the line.

I wished we had more time to discuss this, because I don’t often get a chance to talk to someone on the inside. But Ian noticed my Buckeyes cup and said he had to talk to a Cornerstone dorm before calling it a night. I asked what he is doing now and he said “following Jesus Christ,” which is just what his Wikipedia page says he is doing. So I know it’s the truth.

I’m thankful for people like Ian who use their fame to serve Jesus. He is a classy, down to earth man who will inspire a lot of young people. I’m also glad to remember that sports is a business, so it’s okay if the Indians lose tonight. It won’t change my life one way or the other. We just can’t lose to Michigan. Ever.

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