christmas moochers

The other week one of my students who leads worship mentioned that December is a frantic month for everyone involved in his area. This led us to wonder why every church must put so much effort into its Christmas programs. I understand why we do children’s musicals—because parents and grandparents insist on it—but why must we do adult productions every year?

If I was a pastor of a church in Grand Rapids, I might suggest we take this year off and rather than do our own cantata/play/musical, load up the church bus and travel together to take in what other churches are doing. Why not travel as a church to Calvary Church’s “Festival of Lights,” the interdenominational “Hark Up,” or a Lutheran church’s live nativity scene? We could enjoy the benefits of everyone else’s hard work, and afterwards go out for ice cream. You’re welcome.

While I’m on the subject of Christmas musicals, here are actual titles of kids Christmas programs:  “The S Files,” “Fear Not Factor,” “Mission Possible,” and “Three Wise Men and a Baby.” Besides being at least ten years out of date, does it bother anyone else that the best we can do is knock off whatever fad is trending in our culture? Is the actual story of Christmas so bland that we’ve got to dress it up with a Star Wars, Cowboy, Hawaiian, or Game Show theme?

I feel a little sad for God. He did the most amazing act ever, and we need to turn it into “I Witness News” or “Harold the Christmas Star” to keep our attention. Good grief! That’s also a line from the Charlie Brown Christmas, which some church in your area is probably doing. That one might be worth seeing, especially if it gets you off the hook from having to practice for your own. You’re welcome.


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  1. So is the name of this blog original, or is it a knock off from some fad that was trending in our culture?

  2. Why couldn’t you write this in July when I was preparing this year’s Christmas program?

  3. I took the name from a very important book. Have you read it?

  4. Thank you for mentioning some of the upcoming things, for Christmas, that will be occurring in GR. I will be participating in Hark Up! for the first time this year. I went in expecting to have some fun, but did not expect my reaction to the music. The music may be tunes you know arranged with other tunes you know. Sometimes the words are new words. There are moments that are very powerful. It will be a wonderful Christmas experience for all who attend.

    I would encourage anyone involved in ministry to find time to get away from their own church and experience another holiday cantata, show, etc. Maybe God will speak to you through another production.

  5. As an exhausted children’s minister: Amen, Amen, Amen. Can I just teach the kids about God becoming man? I thought that would be kinda a cool thing to do.

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