boys and girls are different

Gymnastics is a rugged sport, one that I could not imagine trying, so it makes sense that my daughter’s gym has a poster that reads, “If gymnastics was easy, they’d call it football,” and another that implies girls are as tough as boys. Which of course, they are, though apparently in different ways.

Last Saturday night my daughter competed at the MSU Jenison field house, and the announcer periodically broke in with Candy Grams: “Haley, your mother and father and Uncle Joe are so proud of your performance tonight. Keep up the good work!” “Bella, you’ve come so far this year. You’ll always have first place in our hearts!”

I doubt you’d hear such encouraging announcements next door in MSU’s football stadium. “Great touchdown pass, Connor! Your big sister is so proud of you!” “Squeeze the ball tighter next time, Jeremy. Either way, you’ll always be our special son.”

Of course, if next season is anything like the last two, you might be hearing them in Ann Arbor. “Your mom has never been prouder, Brady, but remember that Akron is not the best team in Ohio.”






6 responses to “boys and girls are different”

  1. Lois

    If the football boys got “Candy Grams”, people would laugh; because people would laugh, the boys don’t want Candy Grams. Did anyone mock the girls for getting them? Bet the girls wouldn’t want Candy Grams if people mocked girls for getting them.

    But I’m taking a light-hearted post too seriously, aren’t I?

  2. Rick McGarry

    Are you fishing for Candy Gram comments again, Mike? “Your posts are so sweet and sensitive. No matter what, you will always be our favorite blogger.”

  3. mikewittmer

    Rick, you can read my mind, all the way into my heart.

  4. mikewittmer

    Lois: I’m not sure about your cause and effect. Speaking as a former boy, I believe me and my friends wouldn’t have wanted Candy Grams during football, and not just because others might laugh.

  5. Kevin Weaver

    Hi, Mike.

    Taking a lead from your books, maybe another way of saying this is, “boys and girls are different, and everyone just KNOWS that.”

  6. However, did you take her flowers?

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