preaching on vocation

Here is a short essay I wrote last week for pastors on The High Calling website. Please pass this along to those you know who have “normal” jobs, or to those who pastor them.






5 responses to “preaching on vocation”

  1. What if I have a “normal” job and I pastor people who do? 🙂

  2. Hey Mike,

    There’s actually a nice little novella that sort of deals with this subject. It’s called ‘The Next Level’ by David Gregory, the guy who wrote ‘Dinner with a Perfect Stranger’. A very pleasurable afternoon read (except for those of us with double vision – takes me a lot longer these days, if i can read the print at all!.

    You might not always agree with all points of doctrine, but I dare say you will agree with the point Gregory makes in the book, basically ‘bloom where you’re planted’.

    Back to working out – then off to pick up the kidlet, who is coming home to skate the State Champs as a promo for local speedskating. I’m skating them for comic relief, lol.

    Have a good one!



  3. Tom Beetham

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate the essay, and the reminder to shepherd my people in this manner. I’ve preached on this before, but need to do it more…

    Love you brother!


    *We exist to glorify the name of Jesus!*

    Pastor Tom Beetham Orchard View Congregational Church 2175 Marquette Ave. Muskegon, MI. 49442 (231) 773-5300 Website:

  4. Thank you Mike for contributing to that special issue at The High Calling, “The Local Church Equipping Us in Our Vocations.”

  5. Nice article, Mike, & the alliteration was suspicious, but forgivable.

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