Working for Jesus

I wrote an essay on work for The High Calling, which you can read here. The High Calling turns out encouraging and theologically informed essays on work every week. I was turned onto it by Bob Robinson, who happens to live in my hometown village of Hartville, Ohio. It’s unusual to find someone who has even heard of Hartville, but this semester one of our student’s wives is from there, and two weeks ago at a conference in Lansing I ran into a pastor’s wife from there. So maybe it’s time to put us on the map.

In my essay I referred to Jordan, because that’s his real name. He’s probably distracted with his new girlfriend, but I’d like to see how long it takes him to find this essay about him. I’m preaching at his church the next two Sundays, so Jordan, if you don’t find it by then, I may penalize you from the pulpit.

One of the points of the essay is our need for patience. I bring this up as an excuse to mention the little joke I thought of yesterday. When you pray, “Dear God, give me patience but not yet,” does that mean he already has?






3 responses to “Working for Jesus”

  1. I read the essay and would like to say thank you to Jordan.
    A word of wisdom (not in the charismatic sense) to Jordan would be to consider a Bluetooth headset. I developed a major persistent neckache from that shoulder-pinch trick. In fact, a Bluetooth headset may be an idea for a yuletide gift from a thankful professor who not only benefited in a technological way, but a literary as well due to the efforts of the technician known only as Jordan. There are not very many good illustrations, sermon, devotional or otherwise when everything is working as it was designed to do.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful essay, Mike.
    It is really really weird to me that you are from Hartville, too. I read your “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” decided it was one of my all-time favorite books, and lo and behold – there you are in Hartville.

  3. Claudia

    I shared your essay with my IT colleagues as we often find ourselves in similar situations…I pray God grants us the wisdom and patience to be his messengers. Thanks for being a wonderful example Jordan.

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