compassion without compromise

Another extremely helpful book that came out this fall is from my friend, Adam Barr, and his friend, Ron Citlau. Compassion Without Compromise wisely and biblically guides Christians through the minefield of issues surrounding homosexuality. Just about any scenario that you will encounter is addressed in this book, and new ones that arise are handled on their website,

Barr and Citlau answer questions about truth: Is homosexual practice worse than other sins? If it’s so important, how come Jesus didn’t talk about it? Is the Bible really against homosexual practice? If we’re going to be consistent, don’t we also have to give up eating shrimp? Are we hypocritical to speak out against homosexual practice when we also sin? Should we expect people to be healed of their homosexual desires? (Citlau testifies that this happened to him, but they note this may not happen for everyone—in which case celibacy is required).

Barr and Citlau answer questions about practice: what to do when fellow Christians want to ban the school’s gay-straight alliance club, when a gay couple brings their child to church and asks to serve, when your gay son wants to bring his lover home for the holidays, and when fellow church members take a more affirming position. They give wise advice for interacting with gay friends and neighbors—how do we love them without seeming to condone their lifestyle? What to do when they invite you to their wedding? Or when they tell you they want to follow Jesus? Must they first leave their homosexual relationship?

Compassion Without Compromise is easily read by lay Christians yet serious enough that pastors will also benefit. This is a book to keep on hand for those who come to us with questions.






One response to “compassion without compromise”

  1. Rob

    Thanks for the heads-up on a book that, based on your overview, should be a must-read for Christians In a culture where increasingly anything short of enthusiastic support is seen as hate. The questions about truth and practice outlined above are becoming commonplace and believers need education and guidance on how to respond compassionately without compromising truth. I’m looking forward to reading this book.

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