summer reading

My seminary asked the faculty for a list of books they’re reading this summer. The plan is to post this list in the restroom, so students will have something to read while they’re in there (as if students don’t have cell phones).

In keeping with the spirit of the place, my list includes only books written by my colleagues. I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t read any of these, and now that I’ve read them, I’m embarrassed again. None of these are available on amazon, which carries only every book ever written. Here they are, in random order and with explanatory notes for readers unfamiliar with my fine school.

Just Stop It! Counseling for Dummies, by Robert Lehman and Catherine Mueller-Bell

The Daniel Diet and Other Really Amazing Evangelical Discoveries in the Old Testament, by Jonathan Greer

The Velveteen Cenobite, by Byard Bennett

Gabby Douglas and Me: The John Hilber Story, by Peter Osborn (Dr. Hilber was a gymnast in another life, and remains the most limber of inflexible exegetes)

Why Does the Devil Have All the Good Music, and Bluegrass? by David Turner

Me, Them, and U2: Reading Romans with Bono, by Tim Gombis

Pacify This! Reading Romans with the Passive-Aggressive Mennonites of Northern Indiana, by Darrell Yoder

Proclamation Without Conviction Is Pronunciation Without Communication, by Royce Evans (he really talks this way)

Famous Theologians Who Share Initials With Jesus Christ, by Mike Wittmer

Do Not Get Drunk On Wine. Try Diet Coke: Ephesians 5:18 for the 21st Century, by John Verberkmoes (he’s got an addiction)

Picture by Ahnson Wardack. Used by permission. Sourced via Flickr.






2 responses to “summer reading”

  1. David Conrads

    Becky used to tell me her counseling advice could be summed up as “Get Over It!” Perhaps that could be the companion guide to your first book listed. dc


  2. mikewittmer

    Did people pay her for that advice? I could be rich!

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