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Thinking out loud about why the Planned Parenthood video is so disturbing, and why it might finally move a nation, or at least those citizens with hearts, to stand and fight for our children.

We learned from the video that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted babies. They take pains not to crush the babies’ torsos so that researchers can use their tiny heart, liver, and lungs. But selling dead babies is not the worst part of abortion. Abortion is the worst part of abortion. We already knew that millions have been aborted in our country, and in the most ghastly ways, so why the big deal now that we learn they also are often cut into pieces and sold for research?

The reason is the video. There’s power in the seeing. Everyone knew that Ray Rice had struck his fiancé, but then we saw the video. He was suspended for the entire year. Everyone suspected Mitt Romney was elitist, but then we saw the undercover video and heard his own voice blaming the 47%. He never recovered.

Yesterday we saw an abortion doctor discussing the price of baby parts as she picked at her salad. And we knew. This is the face of evil. A person so calloused to her work that the most horrific act you can imagine (really, what could be worse?) is handled with the nonchalance of asking about the weather.

Turn off the sound, and you would imagine she is saying, “Think it might rain today” or “This summer’s been cooler than normal.” Definitely not, “A lot of people want liver” and “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.” Munch, chew, take a sip of wine.

I generally dislike analogies to Hitler, but isn’t this how the Nazis did it? How could they kill so many Jews in gas chambers then go about their normal routines? I still don’t understand how, but I now understand that. It’s possible for evil to become so banal that its most ghoulish parts can be shared over salad. I wouldn’t believe it either, if I hadn’t seen it. If you watched the video, then you know it too.

I wish the response to the video was less political. I wish the Left would acknowledge it. Lester Holt had time to tell us a beached shark was saved but couldn’t fit in a mention of the story that at least a third of the country is talking about? I wish some on the Right wouldn’t use it as a way to raise money, get my email, or beat up on Democrats.

The president of Focus on the Family has become friends with the head of Planned Parenthood, and I worry what this fuss will do to their relationship. These are real people, and we must love them as such. But so are the babies they’re mutilating, apparently for money.

I wish killing babies was less political, but if we wait until everyone’s motives are pure we’ll never do anything good. Don’t let politics stop you from doing the right thing.

We responded to the Holocaust by declaring “Never again.” Time to see if we meant it.

Photo via LifeNews.


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  1. Very appropriate and sobering thoughts Mike. Thanks. When I preached through Romans 1 recently, I told our congregation that a nation that abandons God is capable of anything. The Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis is an historical example of this truth. America is the present reality of this truth.

  2. lets not spread mis information please. Inform yourselves of the facts. The creators of this video are dishonest and have a history of making fake websites that outright lie. Please read! http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/undercover-video-shows-planned-parenthood-exec-discussing-organ-harvesting/2015/07/14/ae330e34-2a4d-11e5-bd33-395c05608059_story.html

  3. Joshua, I would encourage you to do the same. There is a two hour video which reveals that this is not a hoax.


  4. Mike, i will also leave this for you here. As a christian i am deeply offended when members of faith use and manipulate words to push an agenda. Its outright dis honesty. By spreading dis honesty and manipulation you are prt of the problem.

  5. Did they really mean to use “destroying peoples’ lives” in their headline on abortion? Is there no shame, or even a sense of irony?

  6. Youre right mike its not right. But that does not address the issue of dishonest journalism and supporting groups that outright lie to ‘support’ their cause. Please go and spend 10 minutes reading up on the people behind this video. I would hope after that you would not be so happy to spread their message.

  7. Joshua, the CEO of Planned Parenthood has released a statement that apologizes for the “tone” that the doctor used in the video, she doesn’t deny the horrific comments that were made. The real offense is when Christians have their head in the sand which allows organizations such as PP to get away with murder – literally.

  8. Mike i dont think youve read any of the links i posted. This video and article is twisting words bending truth and outright lying for shock value. Please go look up the history of the creators of this video and see how you feel backing them up after.

  9. Joshua, I did do some research on this group, I’m not sure where your getting all your negative information. They are a Pro-life advocacy group. The only negatives I saw were from very left wing organizations. You really want to discuss journalistic bias? What I fail to understand is that you seem more appalled with supposed bias from a pro-life organization than the philosophy and actions of PP. Sad, very sad.

  10. Mike, his dishonest past and shady legal battles have nothing to do with left wing organizations. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2015/03/james-okeefe-loses-libel-suit – you are strawmanning here! mincing words. deception. i don’t feel appalled towards the bias. i AM appalled when christians use dishonest information from dishonest people (such as this video) – then pass it on (very irresponsible) and then continue to back it up even AFTER knowing the people making these ridiculous claims are being dishonest. You do know there’s no ‘SELLING OF DEAD BABIES’ going on here with PP right? You can word it as dis honestly as you like to fit the tune you want to sing but that doesn’t change the fact.

  11. Joshua:

    I haven’t watched the entire unedited version, but I’d be willing to look deeper into your claims if you can supply a context in which the quotes I cited in my post aren’t absolutely horrifying. Even if all your claims are true about the messenger, that doesn’t change the essential message. I don’t understand why you are more incensed by the people shooting the video than by what this woman has admitted to. Show a little passion for the latter, and you might gain a hearing for the former.

  12. Joshua,

    I echo the words of Dr Wittmer in his last comment. Also, I’m not sure you understand what a straw man really is. In addition, every source you cite is a far left wing news organization, so you are actually the one who dispensing information which is both biased and skewed toward a very liberal world view. By the way, Dr Wittmer nor I have stated that PP have been selling “dead babies.” But would you not admit that harvesting organs and selling them is bad enough? Let me give you some counsel, get your worldview from the Scriptures instead of liberal, far left wing “news” organizations.

  13. Mike, the verbage used is definitely cringe worthy, but the dealings going on (tissue research, organ donations?) is legal and PP has been investigated before with no findings. You, and the the other gentlemen keep thinking i’m more incensed about the people making the video than the dialogue. i’m more incensed by christians; fully knowing, spreading mis information and lies. please please please look into the guys making these videos. http://mediamatters.org/research/2015/07/15/the-shady-anti-choice-actors-behind-the-decepti/204431

    if your blog is clickbait and fun maybe spreading this kind of nonsense is ok but doing so behind a christian narrative is wrong.

  14. One last comment. As I stated earlier, I did look into this group. Second, I would concede your point regarding the dispensing of misinformation if you could cite a source that is credible. Your argument loses all credibility because of your sources of information.

  15. Josh: You’re angry at the wrong things. Legal doesn’t mean moral, or even human.

  16. appologies for missing your previous reply mike. you say: “But would you not admit that harvesting organs and selling them is bad enough”

    i would not use the word harvest as the mothers are giving consent for tissue donation. i would also not use the word sell as that is illegal in the US and PP has already been looked into for this and are clean. the price reflects transportation costs. this is not news.

  17. mike, i’m not angry 🙂 morality is a whole other topic though. what’s being discussed now is that lying is wrong. if we were to discuss morality, i’m sure you’d agree that lying is immoral.

  18. I’ll stop here, because we aren’t going to agree. Next week I will post on lying, and what makes a deception culpable.

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