Many of us are dismayed by Jerry Falwell Jr.’s endorsement of Donald Trump, especially his remark that Trump’s life reflects the teachings of Christ. As far as I can tell, the main thing that Jesus and Donald have in common is neither thinks he needs forgiveness. Their main difference? Jesus doesn’t think he’s Donald.

I realize that Jerry Falwell Jr. is a president of a school rather than the pastor of a church, though for the culture that is a distinction without much of a difference. As a pastor friend—and Liberty alum—lamented yesterday, Falwell’s endorsement will make it more difficult to lead his agnostic friends to Christ. They already suspect evangelical Christians are bigoted mouth-breathers who build walls between people, and now they know they’re right.

So my message does somewhat apply to Falwell, but especially to pastors. You are the shepherd of the body of Christ. Do not stoop to endorse any political candidate.

I’m sure it’s gratifying when the world’s most powerful people seek your endorsement. You want to be a player, to leverage this opportunity to advance your institution and brand. I get it. But stop and ask which Jesus loves more, America or his Bride?

You may be the pastor of a small church, but in one sense your job matters more to Jesus than the president’s. You are personally responsible for the people Jesus loves. Don’t make it more difficult for them to follow Jesus—don’t make it more difficult for others to come to Jesus—by confusing Jesus with even the most righteous of political candidates.

Jesus wants Democrats and Republicans to come to him. Socialists and capitalists, the one percent and the 99, black, white, and brown, and he would like them all to feel welcome in your church. Of all the obstacles we can put in people’s way, a political endorsement is the dumbest, and most easily avoidable, of them all.

Pastors must teach people what God’s Word says he cares about. And we must do so even handedly, willing to offend both the left and the right. But we must not tell people whom we think they should vote for. Our office is too important for that.

Photo by Nicolas Karim. Via flickr. Used by permission.



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8 responses to “endorsement”

  1. Stan Fowler

    Preach it, Mike!

  2. stooopid bob

    or because “tax exempt status”

  3. Michael Gray

    Excellent assessment Mike. Thanks for the exhortation and encouragement to pastors. We need to hear this!

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  5. Wow, you’ve hit the proverbial nail.

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