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Everyone I know—Christian or not—is absolutely horrified by the night club shooting in Orlando. Besides one preacher in California who of course made the news, all people stand with all victims of gun violence. But some tweets and blogposts have implied it’s a struggle for Christians to love those who were tragically killed.

There is a way to encourage Christians that inspires us to do the right thing. And there is a way to tell Christians to do the right thing that implies it’s really hard for us. We need more of the former. If you’re tweet begins with ‘Until Christians…,’ it’s probably the latter.

Does anyone else feel conflicted about tweeting and blogging immediately after a national tragedy? Isn’t it hard to know if you’re trying to be helpful or if it’s just another opportunity to promote your brand? I’m not judging anyone who made comments, most of them spot on. I’m only monitoring my own motives.

Disneyworld is so meticulous about every little detail. How did they not post a sign about alligators? I can’t imagine the nightmares that will forever haunt that poor father.

I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone attempts to shoot Donald Trump. Late night comedians such as Stephen Colbert are making jokes about going back in time and killing a young Trump. Someone may well try to act on it. Or if Trump continues to tank—and he seems wholly committed to doing so—perhaps his enemies will allow him to collapse on his own.

This is earlier than dinner at a retirement home, but I remind you that many of the first European immigrants to America came in search of religious freedom. I haven’t heard it mentioned yet, but if events here continue in the same general direction I wonder if American Christians might look for a new country to emigrate to. Where would that be? The early Christian faith was nurtured on the continent of Africa. Wouldn’t it be something if large swaths of Christians returned home? This is way early, but it’s not as farfetched as it sounds. It has happened often before.

Does anyone else get goose bumps when Hillary awkwardly delivers a zinger and then smugly stares at her accomplishment? Me neither.

With Bogut out tonight the Cavaliers should start Mozgov and continually dunk the ball. The Warriors’ only defense would be The Flagrant One, Draymond Green.

Cleveland fans now realize how God will get us this time. We will either lose painfully in front of the home crowd for the second straight year or lose in an heroic, where-was-this-before?-Game 7 in Oakland. We’re only begging God not to allow us to lose on a Varejao flop. So now we’re fully expecting that.

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2 responses to “random political thoughts”

  1. The small remnant of believers on the GSWarriors will carry the day against the Cavs! (Kerr, Curry,etc.)

  2. Kristine Parker

    Interesting thought about Africa. I was just thinking yesterday about the possibility of Congress passing the bill that requires females to be part of the draft. We currently have one granddaughter. With 5 children, will certainly have more in the future. I don’t want to live in a country that demands young women be placed in the front lines of battle. I was actually thinking about where we might go if this law is passed.
    I have considered myself proud and deeply thankful to be an American my entire life. Serious thoughts of leaving this country is something I never imagined I would have.

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