Dead or Branson?

Let’s take a break from arguing about which presidential candidate is more likely to destroy our nation more slowly (at this point we’re merely discussing speed, not destination) and play the game that no one is talking about yet.

Below is a list of entertainers that you haven’t heard from in a while. Is it because they’re in heaven, or are they merely on the front porch? Are they dead, or are they performing shows in Branson? Answers are given below. Don’t peek.

8-10 correct: You are definitely voting for Donald Trump.

5-7 correct: You are white enough to vote for Trump but old enough to know better.

3-4 correct: You are the target demographic for Hillary Clinton.

0-2 correct: You are writing in Bernie Sanders.

  1. Pat Boone
  1. Debby Boone
  1. Daniel Boone
  1. Loretta Lynn
  1. David Cassidy
  1. Pat Benatar
  1. Chubby Checker
  1. Oak Ridge Boys
  1. Kenny Rogers
  1. Ricky Nelson



  1. Trick question. Pat is rich enough to live in Beverly Hills. He doesn’t need Branson.
  2. Surprisingly, still neither. More surprisingly, did you know that Debby’s husband is a cousin to George Clooney?
  3. If you’re a millennial, give yourself one point regardless how you answered this one. You are amazing!
  4. Of course, Branson.
  5. Still Branson. No word on Shaun.
  6. Neither, though she gave it her best shot.
  7. Branson! I did not know he was still alive either.
  8. Yep, they are the reason there is a Branson.
  9. Branson, though the face is hard to place.
  10. Kind of. He is dead but his two sons perform a tribute concert, where “you can see Ricky in their handsome faces and charming smiles.”

Photo by Paul Sableman. Via Flickr. Used by permission.

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  1. Surprise… I got eight of them, and the Pat Benatar joke. I guess we know how I’m voting. Pat Benatar put on a great show at Frederick Meijer last summer, and she still looks fantastic. Chubby Checker has to be dead; I think you’re trying to fool us. Do the Nelson boys still have beautiful long hair? I still did when I listened to their album. I needed this today!

    “Giddy up! A oom papa, oom papa, mow mow!”

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